Condition-Specific Assistance Programs Likely Overlooked by Many

People are smart to consider patient assistance programs (PAPs) for help with the cost of prescriptions and medical care.  Among the most common resources used are those provided by pharmaceutical companies and the assistance programs run by individual states (SPAPs).

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of regional and national programs designed to provide assistance to people with certain medical conditions.

At least two organizations attempt to organize these resources:

  • NeedyMeds compiles an impressive disease-based assistance directory that can be searched by medical condition, location or program name.
  • RxAssist has gathered a shorter list of disease-specific assistance resources in Microsoft Word format, although it is not found in plain sight.  To reach it from the RxAssist home page be sure to enter the Health Care Professionals section, then select “More Resources,” and finally select “Co-pay assistance resources.”

It is also worth using a internet search engine to look for additional programs of value.  Simply type in the name of any medical condition and the word “assistance” after it. 

You might be surprised with what you find.

Stephen Meyers, MD

NeedyMeds and RxAssist each have additional cost-saving resources that are worth a look.  The above links are presented only to heighten awareness of services offered by these helpful organizations.


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