Could You Be Missing Out On Medical Benefits?

Many people are unaware of all the medical benefits that they are eligible for.

Although many of the programs apply to individuals over age 65 or those with limited income, that is not always the case.  Anyone can stand to gain by checking it out.

Here are three great resources for finding benefits that you might not have known about . . .


Link to BenefitsCheckUpBenefitsCheckup is a very robust site allowing you to easily find available public and private benefits programs among thousands that are available.  (National Council of Aging)


 Link to

The official benefits website of the U.S. government. offers over a thousand Federal and State benefit programs.  Simply complete the free and confidential questionnaire to generate a tailored list of programs just for you.


  Link to elaws

The eLaws Benefits Advisor is designed to help workers and their families better understand their federal right concerning access to health coverage, especially when they experience changes in their life and work situations–such as marriage, childbirth, job loss or retirement.


Note: Benefits programs frequently change their eligibility criteria, so it is worth taking a few minutes every year to see if you qualify for new opportunities.

Stephen Meyers, MD


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