I am very pleased to announce . . .

SmartMedSavingsA new resource to help with the high cost of your medical care–


Empowering the cost-conscious health care consumer

If you don’t currently have any medical cost concerns–great!

However, you might consider bookmarking or jotting down the name of the site for future reference, should you ever run into an expensive situation or want to further research a medical decision.

The website features a growing set of resources to help you take control of your health and health care costs.


Cultivating Healthcare Affordability with Social Media

Our flagship effort, the CHASM Project, allows you to connect with helpful resources via Facebook or Twitter.

A first in social media: information sharing and crowdsourcing to reduce everyone’s health care costs.

Learn more:

See you there!

Stephen Meyers, MD



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4 responses to “Launched:

  1. Medical Bill and Claim Resolution is a medical bill advocate:
    We would love to submit some guest blog posts to discuss this problem that costs consumers at least $17 billion per year, according to the AMA.
    Jim Perez

    • MedSavingsDoc

      Hi Jim,

      I would love to hear what you have in mind. My attention was drawn away from the blog while I was building a network of pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Now that I have completed that I can focus back on the blog. Feel free to reach out at or DM me on Twitter (@medsavingsdoc).


  2. Many thanks for the info. I looked over. I think I a impressed with the post i saw about how to save money on your medications. Personally, I like to save even when I can afford an item. It helps us keep money. With medics, I keep my cost low with discount medical centers. They offer high grade health care but with lower costs.

    • MedSavingsDoc


      Many thanks for the positive feedback. I will be posting more articles and resources that I hope you and others will find helpful.


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