I am very pleased to announce . . .

SmartMedSavingsA new resource to help with the high cost of your medical care–


Empowering the cost-conscious health care consumer

If you don’t currently have any medical cost concerns–great!

However, you might consider bookmarking or jotting down the name of the site for future reference, should you ever run into an expensive situation or want to further research a medical decision.

The website features a growing set of resources to help you take control of your health and health care costs.


Cultivating Healthcare Affordability with Social Media

Our flagship effort, the CHASM Project, allows you to connect with helpful resources via Facebook or Twitter.

A first in social media: information sharing and crowdsourcing to reduce everyone’s health care costs.

Learn more:

See you there!

Stephen Meyers, MD



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The Health Care Cost-Sharing Tipping Point

I meet lots of people who have much to say about the cost of health care.

This week I witnessed two very different perspectives.

. . .

Yesterday I met with a pleasant man about my same age.  One of our tasks was to choose a new medication for him to try.

I presented three good options, calling attention to the pros and cons of each, mentioning that one drug was far and away the most expensive.

His quick response?

 “I don’t care how much it costs.

That’s the insurance company’s problem.”

Okay.  I wasn’t expecting that.

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Can Pharma Use Twitter to Effectively Engage Consumers?

There is much debate about whether pharmaceutical companies will be able to harness the exponential growth of social media.

Most savvy businesses now have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, but drug manufacturers find their hands bound by privacy and advertising restrictions.  No doubt they are searching for breakout, attention-grabbing efforts beyond the usual bland self-promotion.

Surely they know that consumers most desire helpful information and value.  But can they deliver it?

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Could You Be Missing Out On Medical Benefits?

Many people are unaware of all the medical benefits that they are eligible for.

Although many of the programs apply to individuals over age 65 or those with limited income, that is not always the case.  Anyone can stand to gain by checking it out.

Here are three great resources for finding benefits that you might not have known about . . .

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Response to “Dicker With Your Doc?”

In further discussion on how individuals can reduce the cost of their care, Jesse Gruman, PhD posted an article, “Dicker With Your Doc?  Not So Fast . . .” at the Health Care Blog.

Below is my response . . .

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It Requires Not a Medical Degree to Disarm the Costeopath

The recent Costs of Care essay contest prompted me to see how I alone might be able to reduce healthcare costs.

For one month, starting the first day of the contest, I decided to find out what a single physician could achieve by actively working to reduce patients’ medical expenses.

I was surprised and quite pleased with the outcome, and the beauty of it was that the individuals could have done it themselves with the right knowledge and resources.

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Response to New York Times “Haggling With Your Doctor” Article

The recent post “How To Haggle With Your Doctor” in the New York Times prompted many thought-provoking comments by readers. 

I decided to put my two cents in, as well . . .

Wow!  This brief article has elicited emotions and accusations from all directions.  The submitted comments highlight both the significance of healthcare costs and heated frustrations with the complexity of the payment system.

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